a fresh start


Ben and I both have been wanting, meaning, hoping to maybe possibly blog for a really long time now. At least since we got lazy and quit updating our old one. Since I’m officially the one at home, and the man’s out makin’ the bacon, I decided that it’s up to me to brave this strange new world. I mean, it’s not completely strange or new, but I gotta be honest and say that… I’m just taking it one day at a time. Especially now that Rhys is in the picture, I really want to keep folks up to date with what’s going on in our lives. Especially now that Rhys is in the picture, that makes things a little more complicated as far as time goes – don’t get me wrong, amazingly, wonderfully complicated!! – so keep your expectations low and you’re sure to not be disappointed if I only end up posting once a week. And if more, you’ll be thrilled! Plus, Ben will definitely be contributing to add a little spice to the dish.

As I type, I can hear my Rhys baby upstairs in his crib making gurgling noises over and over. He’s supposed to be takin’ a little nappy-nap, but oh well. It’s almost dinner time…

I’ll leave you with some incredible photos of Rhys playing WITH his Pack n Play. Enjoy!

He kills me! What a goob.

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