for the love :: praying for my boys

Ben and Rhys are the two absolute most wonderful loves of my life. (Jesus is my first love, always, but I’m talking earthly human beings, not sitting at the right-hand of the Father here.) I am constantly trying to think of ways that I can show them that huge love that I feel toward them better. Although, I am not super successful a lot of the time. I tend to bite off more than I can chew, or think of too many things, and then don’t know which to do that will fit in my schedule, so I overwhelm my disorganized self and don’t do anything. Ha! That’s dumb. I know. But, because I have, and am still learning this about myself, I’m making it a goal to find smaller, more practical ways to be intentional with my time and how I use it to be an encouragement and help to them. Oh yeah, and actually DO THEM. I’m talking about in a generous, out-of-the-ordinary kind of way. Not just making dinner, doing laundry, making sure Rhys’ diaper is changed. All of these are necessary and sometimes, depending on the day, all that I CAN do. I get that. That’s why I need to take baby steps that don’t flip my world upside-down energy or time-wise, yet are power packed. The generous love equivalent to a vitamin fortified fruit smoothie (not a sugary frappuccino) or a handwritten letter (not a text). Power packed. Ya feel me?

Top of this list: PRAYER. Need I go into the power-packedness of this simple, yet exceedingly generous way that we wives and mommys can show love and care for our families? It is such a beautiful gift that the Lord has given us to be able to talk to Him anywhere, any time, with anything! And a beautiful gift that we can give our loved ones by simply taking a few minutes, seconds even (baby steps, baby steps…), to lift them and their needs up to Him.

My helpers: these sweet prayer calendars (that are free by the way!) for husbands and children that I found at one of my favorite blogs: Inspired to Action. They are such helpful, simple tools – they give you a daily topic and scripture to pray specifically for your loved ones. Just print ’em out and put them in places that you’ll see a lot: the fridge, a cabinet door, bathroom counter, in a frame in the laundry room, wherever you spend a lot of time. Ben and I put a copy of the kids’ one in Rhys’ room so we can remember to pray these things with him at bedtime. They have helped me so much to just take a few minutes every day to pray more intentionally for my guys, that I thought surely they would be useful to others who may share in my desire to love selflessly and my struggle with selfish complacency.

How can I help but love those faces? The Lord has blessed me so richly with these amazing people!


The author of Inspired to Action has some accompanying blog posts to go with the calendars that you might find encouraging as well:

• How to Pray Daily for Your Children – Pt.1

• How to Pray Daily for Your Children – Pt. 2 

• Monday Motivation – How to Pray for Our Husbands

2 responses to “for the love :: praying for my boys

  1. I love your generous, God-filled heart!
    1) That you pray, 2) that you pray intentionally, 3) that you try, 4) that you encourage, 5) that your love for these boys fills your heart like God does = success, even minute ones, will be felt and appreciated by both of them immensely. You are such a beautiful child of God, Sarah, that my heart is filled with the JOY you feel for my son & your. Without that, I would not feel so secure in that they are loved enough. Thank-you for being such a wonderful Godly woman in my life!

    • Neecie – I love you. Thank you so much for your sweet words! I am just so so thankful for the transformation that the Holy Spirit has done, and is continuing to do, in my heart. Without the Lord, you wouldn’t see a trace of this love. I am weak, selfish, and prideful on my own. Only He can love like this. I fail miserably without His truth at work in my life, if I ever start to think that I have it all together without His help. It totally blows my mind that He uses me to show His love to others!

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