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Ben and I went to see a free screening of Blue Like Jazz last week. Needless to say, it was SOOOO so so nice to get out and have some enjoyable time with my man. (We have the best babysitter in the world, who asks to watch our sweet kiddo! She has provided many a much-needed date night for the hubs and me.) And it was free! Gotta love free.

Have any of y’all read the book, Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller? We own it, Ben has read it, I’ve heard good things about it from people who typically recommend good books, but haven’t read it myself. After going to this screening event (I say that b/c there was more to it than just the movie) I came home and pulled it off the bookshelf immediately. I want to read the book behind the movie. Here, watch the trailer and see what you think…

It is NOT your typical “Christian” movie. It is real and raw and crazy. The acting quality and cinematography is also, at least I think, better than most lower-budget, Christian films I’ve seen. It’s rated PG-13, and Steve Taylor – the director, who was there at the screening – accurately disclaimed that it earns it’s rating. In my opinion, it was very tame in comparison to many recently PG-13 rated movies – no sex, or nudity, or anything really risque at all visually (neither of us had to turn our heads or close our eyes even once, and that’s hard to do just watching TV sometimes), no intense violence or blood. There was a moderate amount of bad language, and there were many heavy, ungodly things going on in the movie. What I LOVED about it though is that it paints such an accurate picture of the struggles and sinful reality of the world we live in, and the unconditional grace and redemption that Jesus gives no matter how badly we’ve failed or given into sinful temptation. He’s always waiting with open arms. It is also a helpful reminder that even people who claim to be Godly fail, and we shouldn’t base our faith in Jesus on the righteousness of any person. We should base our love for and faith in Jesus on… Jesus, and his never failing, always true, righteous, pure & holy character.

The reason they called it an “event” is because Donald Miller, Steve Taylor, and a few others who worked on the film from the beginning were all there hanging out in the parking lot with their big ‘ol Blue Like Jazz tour bus, meetin’, greetin’ and talking BLJ before the movie. Ben and I aren’t diehards at all, not star-struck in the least, so that aspect of it was kind of lost on us. I appreciate how devoted they are to getting the word out though, so proud of the message they want to share. I did enjoy how they interacted with us in the theater, gave us behind the scenes info about the production, and heads-up as to what to expect PG-13-wise before, and did a Q&A after. They did a little “Raleigh loves Blue Like Jazz” video with everyone at the end. (We all look like ants, but Ben and I are up in the top left of the screen. If you look closely, you can see my little white arm warmer waving in the air. Haha.)

So, the movie comes out in theaters on April 13. If you see it, and don’t love it like I did, it’s still definitely something to chew on – great food for thought and conversation with believers and non-believers alike.

If you’re interested – there are lots of downloads, graphics, and inside looks on their website. Take a look, and support the movie through your facebook, tweets, blogs if you feel compelled. They need help getting the word out.

*Disclaimer* – I HAVE NOT READ THE BOOK. I know there is a lot of controversy over the book, and I can’t speak to it. I’m only talking about the movie here. I have read about 5 pages so far, and hope to finish it over the next month. Perhaps I’ll write a follow-up review to this post once I’ve read it all. Be on the lookout…

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  1. I read the book way back when I was in college and loved it. It really touched me and gave me so much to think about. I’m excited to see the movie!

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