baby #2 : week 12

Baby Niemann #2 is 12 weeks old (in womb-time that is), and things are moving along just fine. Here’s what’s going on with all of us:
…is the size of a lime this week. 🙂 Little “lime” is 2ish inches long, and weighs just over an ounce.
…is developing reflexes in its fingers and toes and little bitty eye muscles.
…has working kidneys! So amazing! They are starting to excrete urine (kinda gross) into its intestines.
…is forming myriads of brain synapses, and nerve cells are multiplying rapidly.
(info from – click the link for more)

How amazingly the Lord is knitting this little one together!

– I am hungry. All. The. Time! I’m craving macaroni & cheese, sushi (i think it’s the rice, cream cheese, & soy sauce combo that makes me drool – and yes, I know I’m not supposed to have it – I am limiting my consumption), chips & salsa, cheese grits, pizza, cheddar cheese & crackers, mexican food – there’s this cheesy, salty, tangy thing going on. Due to the cheesy part, I am trying/needing to eat things like frosted mini wheats, triscuits, apples, more fruit & veggies in general and probably a fiber supplement that I haven’t started taking yet. Haha.
– I am sleepy all the time. I went out early to the grocery store this morning (SUPER early for Harris Teeter’s super double coupon event this week), had a little burst of energy when I got home (due to the protein boost that I got from a McDonald’s sausage, egg & cheese biscuit that I HAD to have – another random craving) so I started to organize a desperately messy closet, and then was pretty much about to pass out. More used to this now than I was a few weeks ago, but it’s still just so different to have such little energy. I am so thankful that Rhys takes incredible naps in the afternoon still, so we took naps together today.
– I’m still fitting in my regular clothes. But I gotta be honest, I really love maternity clothes and am already wearing some just ‘cuz. Especially jeans/pants. They are so stinkin’ comfy, and so much easier to get on and off – no buttons and snaps and zippers to deal with. My tummy does poke out a good bit after I consume a substantial amount of anything – food or beverage. Second pregnancy muscle memory has definitely kicked in.
– I cry a lot more easily. When Missy Franklin wins medals. When Rhys asks me to sing “Boat” to him (that’s Rhys for “Baby’s Boat”) and squeezes my neck. When Harry Potter kisses his son goodbye on his first day to Hogwarts (even though I’ve seen the movie an embarrassingly great number of times).

– Ben is a SUPER amazing Daddy, even to the “lime”. He is very understanding of my decreased-energy levels, moreso than I am sometimes. He reminds me that my body is “making a baby” and of course I’m tired, which makes me feel a lot less lazy when all I feel like doing is nothing. He thinks my cravings and pregnancy “brain-farts” are hilarious, and it helps me to laugh at myself. He also helps me curb my cravings, and picks up treats for me at the store.
– If I ask Rhys where baby is, he points to my tummy and gives “baby” a kiss. He says “Ya you baby! I-sa bwuh-vew,” which is “Love you baby! I’m your brother.” It is precious.

3 responses to “baby #2 : week 12

  1. So cute! I’m a little sad that Liam doesn’t really understand that he’s going to be a brother. He’ll only be about a year and a half when #2 is born but oh well. I’m still excited!

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