baby #2 : week 17

It’s week 17 of my pregnancy – last week I thought I was almost 18 weeks along, but the (supposed-to-be) anatomy ultrasound told us that baby was really about 16 weeks & 1 day at the time – about 10 days off from my originally predicated due date. Little boo was too small to see everything, so at my next appointment we’ll give it another go and hopefully find out the gender this time! 🙂 My new due date is February 28… and thankfully it is NOT leap year next year. *Phew!*
…is now the size of an onion. Our baby onion is approximately 5.1 inches long, and weighs about 5.9 ounces.
…is forming hard bone in place of soft cartilage, and putting on some fat.
…is growing a stronger umbilical cord.
(info from – click the link for more)

– Baby boo is kicking and moving around sooo much! I started to feel a few little squirms here and there last week, but this week little one has been going strong pretty regularly. Every night I feel babys itty-bitty kicks & thumps, not just inside, but with my hand on my tummy. And Ben has been able to feel it too. It is such an amazingly sweet, reassuring feeling… definitely one of my favorite parts of being pregnant!

– I’m beginning to feel my energy return. Not 100%, but I’m not feeling nearly as worn out all the time as I have been the past several weeks. So thankful! And with the new energy comes the start of nesting-mode. I’m beginning to realize how precious my energy is, and when I am wide awake and rearing to go I am trying to accomplish a lot of those to-dos that I’ve been putting off for a while – especially cleaning, organizing and decorating. It’s a slow process, but a process that I’m pleased with nonetheless.

– I definitely have a distinct baby bump now. Got myself a Be Band (the Target version of the Belly Band) to hold up my unbuttoned jeans. Ha! All of my non-maternity clothes are fitting strangely now, or not fitting period.

– Still hungry all the time. Still craving the same things – carbs, protein, salty, tangy, cheesy yummyness! I discovered (the hard way) that foods with MSG trigger bad headaches, so I’ve steered completely clear of it and had success in avoiding some severe pain. So thankful I was able to learn what was causing it and fix the problem. Healthier anyway.

– Kinda gross, but I definitely have more mucus these days. Staying super-hydrated is important regardless, I know, but I have found that I am coughing and sneezing a lot when I’m not CONSTANTLY drinking water and keeping things flowing, if you know what I mean. Lots of trips to the toilet, too – gonna be up-ing the water bill & toilet paper budgets for the rest of the pregnancy.

All in all, I’m loving this sweet sweet time!

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