baby #2 : week 18

It’s week 18! Woot woot! No more Baby onion…

…is NOW the size of a sweet potato. Little one is around 5.6 inches long, weighing about 6.7 ounces and only growing faster!
…is on the move, kicking & punching like crazy!
…can yawn, hiccup, suck and swallow. how cute!
(info from – click the link for more)

– Not much has changed for me since last week. Tummy’s a little bigger. Gaining a little more energy during the day. I did have a little bit of trouble sleeping last night – just restless, but not super uncomfortable… yet. After Rhys, I am so much more thankful for the deep sleep of the early part of pregnancy, recognizing how precious sleep gets the further along we get.

– I definitely am feeling baby move even more. Can’t get enough of it. Except maybe when I’m trying to sleep. But it’s so amazing to feel and really helps me to bond with lil’ Sweet Tater.

– The 3 of us have “family hugs” all the time. This morning on the couch, Rhys snuggled into the two of us, but then moved his head to rest on my tummy and wrapped his arm around my side so #2 could be part of the family hug!! Then, per our request, said “Hey Baby! Whatchu doin in dere?” It was so adorable. I love him.

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