baby #2 : week 19

Little Baby Mango is 19 weeks old in tummy time. In just 4 more days, we’ll have anatomy ultrasound #2, and hopefully this time, Lord willing, find out if it’s a girl mango or a boy mango.

…is NOW mango-sized = 6 inches long and 8.5 ounces. Getting big kiddo!
…is still moving around a ton. (And mommy still loves feeling it.)
…is developing its senses, as nerve cells for sense of taste, hearing, sight & smell are being formed in the brain.
(info from – click the link for more)

– My symptoms are pretty much the same as last week. I can’t think of any major changes.

– I had a pretty rough cold the first few days of the week. Could not breathe through my nose, scratchy throat, and major sinus pressure and headache. Praise the Lord – after a lot of rest, yummy Simply Grapefruit juice, a sweet homemade meal of chili & cornbread Monday night (thanks Brooke!! You’re the best!), and much-appreciated prayer from dear friends, I am feeling sooo much better!!! I am so thankful, because there is very little medication that I feel comfortable taking during pregnancy. I’d rather suffer through a nasty cold for a few days than accidentally cause long-term damage to my Mango-baby for a day or two of temporary relief. Know what I mean? Grateful it didn’t last long.

– Yesterday I got an order of new maternity clothes in from Old Navy. They had this huge sale last week, and I scored big. 3 pairs of pants + 2 tops. Woohoo! Ben made fun of me for being so excited – but I really was because everything fits great! I am so reluctant to order clothes online for fear of them not fitting or looking weird on me. I really love everything. My favorite thing is this pair of red-orange jeggings – so cute, fit wonderfully, and will be perfect for the upcoming holiday seasons. I’ve never owned a pair of red pants, so I was a little iffy about whether or not I would like them, but I really really do. **IF you’re pregnant, and you decide to get the maternity Pop-Color Rockstar Jeggings from Old Navy, get 1 size up from what you would normally get. I wear a 2 or a 4, pregnant or not, and I ordered a 6. They are just right, and have a little give for future growth too.**

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