baby #2 is a…


{I know it’s a little hard to make out, but this is the pic of the “girl parts”}

Her name is Sophia.

Sophia = wise/wisdom; and we just love the name, so pretty!
Elizabeth = the fullness of God -or- my God is bountiful;
also my mother’s name and my maiden middle name.
Beautiful in sound and meaning.

So, obviously our ultrasound today was successful as far as discovering the gender. Everything is right on track: beautiful heart-rate, all of her organs and itty bitty body parts are normal, and our due date is still February 28 (the date it was changed to after the first ultrasound). Baby Sophia is almost 20 weeks old, 19 weeks & 5 days, so I’ll go ahead and give you her 20-wk update:

…is NOW banana-sized = 6.5 inches long (she grew a half inch in a week!) and 10.2 ounces.
…is moving all over the place. Her movements have shifted from little thumps down close to my belt-line, to visible kicks and punches that are all over my tummy. She kicked right on my belly button last night! So neat.
…has working taste buds. Hope she likes the soup I just ate!
…can hear. She can hear us talk, hear me sing. I love that.
…has hair sproutin’ on her little head.

(info from – click the link for more)

– I am starting to feel heavy. It’s definitely the beginning of the ‘chuggin-up-the-stairs’ phase and losing my breath more easily. Because of that, I am thankful for the stairs in our house, that will help me to exercise throughout the day and stay a little more conditioned as I’m just working on daily household things.

– I’m loving this colder November weather. I’m glad that it is coming on just as I am starting to feel a little more on the hot-natured side.

– Still trying hard to drink loads of water, milk & juice. My legs have started feeling tight, but no bad cramps so far. Just gotta keep myself hydrated and muscles stretched. Those charlie horses can kill!

– Today has been so special!! I have been excited of course, but being pregnant with Baby #2, while taking care of Baby #1 plus having gone through pregnancy once before, I was beginning to struggle with guilt a little over not feeling quite as excited as I did with Rhys. When the ultrasound tech said “It’s a girl,” something clicked inside of me, my eyes welled with tears and everything changed. It may not happen like that for everyone, but I feel so much closer to this little one now that she is a “she” and I can call her by name. I love my little Sophia. She means the world to me! I cannot stop thinking about girly things. Little dresses & bows, tea parties, pedicures, teaching her to be a woman of God, being her shoulder to cry on… all the mother-daughter things you share. And more immediately, things for her room, her bedding, her colors, continuing to pray over her growth and health in the womb. I am so grateful for my little girl, and this time that remains for me to carry her and prepare for her arrival. Relishing it.

– Rhys was soooo excited to “go watch da baby” this morning. He kept asking over and over when we were going to see the baby. So, yes, he enjoyed seeing her on the big TV screen. He doesn’t quite share in the excitement that Ben and I do over knowing it’s a girl, but he’s getting good at saying “sistew” and “Soph-ee-wa”. Not sure where the ‘w’ comes from, but that’s how he says it. It’s so cute. We got him to say to my tummy “Hey Soph-ee-wa! I’s you bwutha.” It’s super cute.

– Ben is already melting. When we saw the ultrasound, he grabbed my hand and held on tight. When we walked out into the hall afterward, he gave me this long knowing stare & grin like “We’re really having a girl.” Made me well up again. He described to me that his first thoughts were “Flashes of prom dresses, wedding, and needing to buy a gun. A big gun.” haha! Protective Daddy in action. His reaction to her makes me smile. I love how he talks about her and loves her already.

Today has been such a sweet day for our family.

So proud, honored, & overwhelmed to introduce our Sophia to you. 

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  1. I felt the same way as you did not being as excited about round two. It did help to have a name and a gender to make me feel closer to Eden. Congrats on the your baby girl!

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